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Harrison Group Golf Cancellation Policy


We recognize that there is a lot of uncertainty when planning a golf vacation.  The one thing that is certain is that Harrison Group Golf is here to protect your financial interests and be as flexible as possible.

Depending on your type of accommodations, your Final Payment Date will remain at 30 days prior to arrival.  The Final Payment date is 60 days for those staying in a privately owned home, townhome or condo. 

If you cancel your entire group reservation outside your final payment due date or if the State of Maryland shuts down travel to Maryland, forbids hotel/short term stays or orders golf courses to close, your group will receive a full refund.

If you cancel your entire trip or a portion of your trip between your final payment date and your date of arrival, your refund will be determined by what you are cancelling and how close to the date of arrival you cancel.  The minimum cancellation fee is $25 per person.  If only a few of your members want to cancel after your final payment date, then the refund amount will be based on if they are sharing accommodations and again how close to the day of arrival they cancel. 

As always, you can be assured that Harrison Group Golf has your back and will do everything possible to make your trip as worry free as possible.

Sandra Kerstetter

General Manager

Harrison Group OC Golf Getaways

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